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Lorraine Hughes MNRRI

I’ve been a Reflexologist for 18 years and my journey with Reflexology began when I was in my teens. Stressed out and nervous before my Leaving Certificate practical Music exam, I was encouraged by my mother to go to attend a nearby Reflexologist for a treatment. Like any teenager, I reluctantly agreed to go for one session and it was amazing. I didn’t fully understand the rationale behind Reflexology at the time but afterwards I came home and fell into a trance-like therapeutic sleep. I woke up a different person and had a really positive experience the next day at my exam (I used to play trumpet by the way!).

I continued to get Reflexology sessions over the years for sleep, depression, sinusitis and digestive issues. My mother Lily was retiring as a nurse around 2004 and she trained in Reflexology as a new career option and I was inspired to follow in her footsteps the following year and graduated myself in 2005 with a Diploma in Reflexology.

I worked in the Community Development sector for 18 years and the Health Food & Nutrition sector for 5 years but I always knew I would return to Reflexology and work full-time in my own practice here in County Clare.

National Register of Reflexologists Ireland (NRRI)

I am a member of the professional body, the National Register of Reflexologists Ireland (NRRI). This enables clients to claim back money on Reflexology treatments on their health insurance policies from these 3 major companies – VHI Healthcare, Irish Life Health or Laya Healthcare. Please check with your health insurance company to clarify your policy cover. Continuous professional development is a requirement of the regulations of the NRRI and I am obliged to regularly up-skill in order to retain my membership.

Reflexology is a safe and natural therapy that can restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium. The body has an amazing natural ability to heal itself and for me this is the main reason behind my passion for Reflexology. I love having the opportunity as a Reflexologist to help people experience a gentle yet powerful, non-invasive treatment which is free from medication and encourages the body to heal itself naturally.